Friday, March 23, 2012

It all goes back in the Box..

Its amazing how, since we are born, we strive to be better than someone else.

As kids, you want the bigger toys, the better stuffed animal and the coolest mom and dad.

Then we we become teenagers we want the better cellphone, coolest clothes and be in the "in crowd" at school and going out.

Then we become adults and we want bigger cars, better paying jobs, bigger and more fancy houses, boats, bars, quad bikes etc etc.

But doesn't all of this make you think, when we die, it all gets left behind. The final time we close our eyes on this earth, what does all of these "things" mean. NOTHING!
We can enjoy them while we are alive. We work extra hours, try and get nice titles at work, try to earn bigger salaries and save as much money as possible, all in order to buy things to make our life enjoyable or fun or "luxurious".
This may sound like there is nothing wrong with it, but with achieving all these good things on earth, there must be a downside. Most of the time, while we are trying to work so hard, extra hours to gain assets, better cars, better clothes for our families...we are spending not time at home with our families.We don't have time for our husbands/wives, we don't have time for our kids because we are tired after getting home late, we don't have time to walk around the block and experience our neighbourhoods and also, we don't have enough time to speak to God, worhship Him, draw close to Him and we don't have time to LISTEN to Him!

I most certainly experience this. I am always asking God to speak to me, to unveil His plan for my life, for His Holy Spirit to testify to me...but do I ever listen??
Do I give God the time to respond?
Do I ever sit down in silence, wherever it may be, and connect with God and His Spirit through His Word?
NO I don't! And I suspect that this is the same for many of us.

Maybe I need to change my priorities!
1st is God
2nd is my Wife
3rd if my kids
4th, the rest of my family
124th, personal belongings and big cars and fancy houses and anew cellphone.

God longs for a close relationship with all of us. He longs to be with us all the time, everywhere we go, everything we think, everything we do!
God does not accept being put on the back burner and thought of maybe once or twice a day when all the other "stuff" is done.
Just think, when you do something or think of something, Is it your top priority?
I am not saying that we mustn't spoil ourselves and have nice things. God gave us a beautiful earth to live on, and luxuries to make our life good, but He didn't do that to replace His relationship with us!

I know I have some serious changes to make in terms of my priorities, Do You?
Blessings to you all!

James 4:8
Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

I found a video on YouTubeabout this exact topic, Take a look

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