Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Am I going to follow Jesus today?

Have you made that decision?
Did you wake up this morning and say YES to following Jesus today. If you haven't yet....perhaps now is a good time?

Sometimes I wonder to myself, why cant I be like that person or why cant I be such a good christian like another person that I see at church.
Sometimes I wonder, why do so many people have this 'haze' around them that just shouts out "I love God, I serve God only and my faith in God is so big!"
Why don't I see that in my life, today?

Sometimes the things that I do in my daily dealings or the things that I say, straight away I think to myself, "I bet that so 'n so doesn't do these things or say these things, I must be a bad christian!".
Often I also think to myself, Why cant my faith be so big that I don't worry about anything because I trust God so much to help and guide me everyday.

But when we become a christian believer, we cant just expect to have this huge faith in Christ, live a life 100% like Christ. We all have to start somewhere. Its a process.
Our faith starts out as an insignificant little bud, but then it is our responsibility to grow that Faith into a much bigger, stronger and solid faith in Jesus Christ.

Faith starts in trusting God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We all have to believe in something or someone in our lives. Hopefully, your choice, like mine, is God!

But growing your faith relies on how much you allow God into your life. How much do you:
  • Read Gods Word
  • Pray to God, talk to Him on a daily basis
  • Obey God in everything
  • Witness to others about your Saviour and what He did in your life
  • Trust God (This gets stronger as you develop your relationship with Him)
  • Allow the Spirit to witness to you daily?
Growing as Christian is a matter of choice. You choose, each day to follow God, to speak to Him, to ask His guidance, to allow Him into your life.
If you answer NO to the questions above, then all your "faith growing" will render useless, which is why we need to ask God EVERYDAY to come into our lives.

Have you decided to follow Jesus today?


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