Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do we have enough? (What is your Safety Net)

Sometimes I sit in TV room and just think, how blessed we are. I have everything. I have a family whom I love,I have a house, cars, a great job, a swimming pool and STUFF!
Stuff being all the great things in my house like TV's, radios, appliances, heaters, computers, ADSL etc etc etc...
But is this enough?
How much is enough?

I sit and think, I am happy. I have all the STUFF I need in my life.I am comfortable.
Yes, I have worries, concerns and issues in my life that I need to deal with, but overall...I am happy with what I have achieved already.
And as I grow older, I will hopefully send my kids to a private school, I will be able to buy a nicer/bigger car. I will have the newest flat screen TV on my wall, maybe I will be playing golf on Friday afternoons...whatever. STUFF that makes me happy!

Today I woke up and thought, what happens when I am on deaths bed. When, one day, just before I will depart this earth...What happens to all my STUFF?
What happens to my expensive car or my flat screen TV or my swimming pool?
Will this stuff, that kept me happy in my life, come with me when I die.
What happens to my family. Will they die with me and we all go to some central place where we can reunite and live as a family once again?
Can I take my iPad with me when I die?

Um...No! None of this happens.
Often I think we all have a safety net. Something that we can always fall back on when we are going through life.
But shouldn't your safety net be something that is eternal. Shouldn't your safety net be something that you know is always there,something that cares about you as an individual? In fact, I would imagine your safety net should come from your creator! (Where we came from)

What is the point of gathering all these nice things and then dying and leaving them in this world for someone else?

I am not saying that I am not going buy luxurious goods. Of course I will, God gave humans a talent to produce these things for us to live comfortably and happily.

What I am saying though, is that I am going to try and not use my "luxurious" goods as my safety net. Instead of throwing so much importance to my appliances and car, why not trust in someone that is eternal....GOD!

God was there when we were born and God will be there when we die in this very short life on earth. Instead of taking your "luxurious" goods with you when you die, you will meet up with your eternal Saviour, Jesus Christ.

He will ask what you did in your life that He gave you?
What did you accumulate in your life and what did you put your trust in?
And you will say.............?????

Today.....just think.......What is your safety net?


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