Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Father in Heaven

Why do we say Our Father in Heaven in the Lords prayer?

By saying this, we admit that we have a higher power than us. We admit that "Our Father", is in fact the King of this world, universe and heaven.
It also says that we all have the same father!

God invites us to truly believe that He is our Father and that we are His children. We can ask God anything anytime and like a real father would do, He would listen and keep a tentative ear open for His children's requests and concerns.
God wants us to approach Him always, come to His throne, speak to Him and tell Him our concerns and basically anything that we really want to.

Don't speak to God like you do through a telephone. There is no mobile app that we can 'quickly' tap into God and tell Him our issues,
We need to talk to God all the time, be intimate and even though you think He knows your life already and He know your issues, you still need to engage in an intimate relationship with God.
I know I am at fault with this, but don't quickly close your eyes, waffle on a few words, wants, needs and blessings for the day and then carry on with your life as if God is now put on the back burner, but will jump in if something bad happens or one of your prayer requests needs action.
Often, as humans, we use holidays, alcohol, purchasing appliances and exercise as our "Go To" if we feel stressed and cannot cope.
Why not try God as Well?
God is the only who can direct us to live life as He meant it to be!     (Isn't that what we strive for?)
We can approach God very personally, by saying Our Father in Heaven. We are stating that He is above anything else in this world, and above anyone in this world.

We are not able to live a life that God intended for us. We are human, we sin, we are evil by nature, but we need to be brave enough to admit that we need someone greater than us and have the confidence to talk to Him.
Our Father which art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name...

Sometimes its difficult to admit that there is someone greater than we are and then often we try to control our own lives, but we actually don't understand the true meaning of life and what its why not turn to our God, who created us, knows what we need and always has His ear open to listen to us and importantly,
Always wants to have a personal, intimate relationship with us.
Read Matthew 6:9.


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