Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Do you worry about everything?

I am a natural worrier. I worry about everything.
I ask myself questions like: "Why is this happening?", "Will it get better?", "What will the future hold?","Retirement?", "Work?" etc etc...

Did you know that 85% of the things we worry about never actually happen? I am talking about things that we think may affect us in the future, bad things that will come our way...but then never actually do.

Its OK for the bible to say, "Don't worry about anything and trust in God!"
I don't know, but I fond this difficult. Don't you often feel that something that you are worrying about is out of Gods hands and you feel that God is not helping you. Sometimes I get the feeling that whatever I am worrying about is my problem, and I am not getting any kind of help from God.
Then how can we trust Him to help us?

In 1 Peter 5:7, we are told to give all our worries to God. Hand them over to Him. Why, because He cares for us.
This is all lovely and sweet, but often I don't feel any different when I have forgiven all my problems to God to deal with. In fact, often I am disappointed because by giving God my worries and burdens, I expected them to just "go away" because now they are off my shoulders and I am later even worse off than I was because things just come tumbling back down in heaps.

Well, as it says in 1 Peter 5:6-7, we need to humble ourselves before God. It doesn't mean saying to God, "Well here, you sort it out. I am going to carry on with my life and expect that it is all gone by next week."
God will not 'fix' what you can fix yourself. God will do what you cannot do, and that is carry the burden of worry.But if its something that you are able to 'fix', then do it.
Handing over worry to God doesn't mean its a one-man game and then we can sit back and watch everything change in front of our eyes. So we cant be irresponsible about it.

Worrying is not something that we are supposed to have in our lives, if we trust God. We are actually doing the devils work for him.
Stop being stubborn. If you trust God, and really believe that he cares about you, then why not ask His help?

Here is a excerpt from Joyce Meyers article called "The cause and cure for worry".

Worry or Worship?

Worry and worship are exact opposites, and we'd all be much happier if we learned to become worshippers instead of worriers. Worry opens the door for the devil, but worship is reverence and adoration for God that leads us into His presence. God created us to worship Him, and I don't believe we can walk in victory if we don't become worshippers. Sometimes when we don't have what we need or want, the enemy tries to discourage us and keep us from worshipping God. But when we know that God has our best interests at heart, we can worship Him regardless of our circumstances. Remember, God is good even when our circumstances are not! God doesn't always give us our heart's desire right away. He wants us to develop a deep, personal relationship with Him and an outrageous love for Him so much so that we can't live without it. This kind of relationship and love brings the worshipful attitude that God wants us to have.
To worship means "to reverence," or "to defer to." We are to have reverential fear and awe of God. We are to respect and honor Him, and defer to Him by submitting to and obeying Him, and adapt ourselves to His will. We must realize that Christ, living in us, has come to lead and guide us into a special lifestyle of worship and victorious living. When Satan throws worry on you, I challenge you to stop what you're doing, get down on your knees before God, and begin praising Him. Worship is a spiritual weapon, a warhead or bomb you can use against the enemy. Your prayers and worship will get you heavenly help, and you won't have to fight your own battles. God's grace and power can make things happen with ease that you can't bring about no matter how much you struggle.
So stop worrying about everything, give it to God, and live in grace. Grace isn't just divine favor—it's power! Don't waste another day of your life worrying. Determine what your responsibility is and what it is not. Don't try to take on God's responsibility. When we do what we can do, God steps in and does what we can't. So give yourself and your worries to God and begin enjoying the abundant life He has planned for you.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, try handing over all the burden to God. He wants you to. This is why God is our Saviour, this is why Gods Grace is so everlasting, this is why God is so caring. Pray to God always, Have faith in His promise to talk care of our worries!


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