Friday, May 18, 2012

Personal Revival Part 2...

Personal christian revival is something that we all have to go through. As Christians, we will always do "bad" things and "evil" things that are not apart of Gods will.
It is a sinning world, it is an evil world...and you know what, we are part of it...whether we like it or not!

OK, so the last statement above "whether we like it or not", can take many different meanings. What I am saying here is that we are in this world, there are no other worlds available to live in, and unfortunately it has turned evil.
It also means that some of us have fallen so accustomed to this world, that we are doing things that are not of Gods Word. Basically, "DO it because everyone else does" OR "If I don't do it, then people will look at me like I am weird or stupid."
What I also mean here is that, we actually do have a choice whether we LIKE IT or NOT.
You know why we have this choice. Its because Jesus did a wonderful thing on earth in His short time as a physical being on this earth. He DIED, He was crucified and evil thought it had its way with Jesus.
BUT, He rose again, He defeated sin and ascended to His Father (Pureness ,Goodness).
Think of yourself in that situation. What we are called to do is to DIE to an evil sinful nature and rise into a new life, a christian life, a loving and pure life.
But, how do we do all this good stuff in an evil world where everyone else is the norm

Well, don't we have to stand for what we believe. Didn't Jesus do that? He stood against anything evil when He was here and this is why He was such a hated person!
Continue confessing your sin. (Yes, you will still sin...always). Because Jesus rose up against evil, He defeated it. He did this for all of us. All that needs to happen is for us to take the opportunity to call on Jesus, believe that He did in fact die for us, and our sins will be forgiven, not just for now...but forever!
We can also study how Jesus lived on earth, so we can try be the same. Wouldn't that be great! Can you imagine having 7 billion people all trying to do good, loving each other and living a life that Jesus did.
Look, its not going to happen, but what WILL happen, is the change that you make  WILL make a huge difference in your life and possibly someone else life.
The Power of Our Lord!

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