Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Praying for personal protection

Have you ever thought of praying over your house and belongings and family. I certainly have. I know it can be done and that it very effective, but the question is, "How?"

Do I close my eyes and touch an object to pray over it?
Why should I pray over something?
When should I pray over something?
What do I say?

Lets start at the WHY part.
Well its taking a proactive response to possible evil rather than a reactive response. Reactive means that you are attacking evil while you are in the middle of it. Stop attacks before they happen.
Pray to God and ask Him your own strategy to use to pray against evil in your house/family.
After you have giving yourself to the Lord, A good idea is to pray over everyone and then everything in your house. Go and praying every room for everything in that room. Pray for Jesus blood to cover each object in that may even feel the leading to pray for some particular things/people. DO IT!
Jesus blood cleanses anything and everything! Once His blood covers something, it is consecrated and made pure!

Pray in the mornings and evenings over your house/belongings/cars/family members/extended family members. Pray that each family member is protected and blessed.
Sometimes you may feel the need to just bow your head and pray about somebody or something.DO IT!

Pray against the transference of evil at any stage. Pray that Jesus' blood stops evil from being near a person/yourself. A good piece of scripture to pray here is you like is Ephesians 6 (The armour of God).
Pray for the angels of God to surround whom you are praying for and form a blockade against evil. Pray against spells or curses. This is a heated topic with some people, but no doubt, they ARE real,Evil does roam everywhere, waiting for a "taker". Spells and curses may have even entered your family via ancestors 100 years ago. Pray against that.
Pray the Lords Prayer everyday!
Another possible verse to pray over your home and family is Psalm 91.
If you do find yourself in the midst of an attack, ask the Lord to send warrior angels to encamp above, below and around your house and property as protection, specifically ask Him also to send warrior angels around each individual family member also, then read 'warfare scriptures' and command all demons to go to the abyss in the name of Jesus Christ.

Most importantly, REST IN GOD.Take yourself away from the world for awhile a day, and be in the presence of God. You will find REST there. During these times, the Lord may speak to us.


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