Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Is God Ignoring Me?

Ever thought to yourself...praying is getting me nowhere. No one ever listens. I am talking to some God that exists in the sky somewhere on a big throne, maybe even with a lightning bolt aimed at my head.
I often do. I can pray and pray, no answer, no message, no "road-sign" that God made me look at and that was His way of giving me a message. NOTHING!

It makes me feel unimportant to God,it makes feel like I have done such bad things in my life that God is ignoring me or punishing me. He is saying "Well, you don't want to follow my rules, don't come running to me asking for stuff!"

It often makes me feel like 'Is my pray unimportant. Am i asking for things that are way beyond my means or Gods means. Is my prayer worth a response? Maybe if I just had more faith, trust etc....

Sometimes I think we, as humans/Christians/whatever, make up stories to make ourselves feel important. What I mean is, if you feel that God isn't answering your prayer/talking to you/giving you a message in some manner, then we create this whole dumbfound story in our minds that we aren't wanted, or Gods doesn't like us, or we have sinned just too much so God doesn't even want to listen to us. All the things I said above...
Do we concoct those stories because we don't get what we want? It feels like we are unworthy of Gods 'presence'.
Then I ask the question, Do we need to ask God things or pray to God about things that only He wants for us. So if I pray for a new job as top manager in a big company and I don't get it, I think to myself maybe it wasn't Gods will. What happens when you pray for a very sick and dying family member. You ask God to heal them, to protect them and keep them from dying...and then 2 days later, they die.
I must admit, I certainly struggle with that idea.

But I think sometimes, what helps me understand this a bit better is the way you look at the outcome. I believe that, and according to the Bible, God is Good. God is not an evil Spirit that floats around and waits to punish us the first second we step out of line. The bible explains how God loves His people and would anything for them. So I can exclude the fact that God would send me in a direction that is bad.
As humans, we have 2 choices. If I pray for protection and to get to a holiday destination safely, and then during the trip we have an accident..then I have 2 ways of looking at the outcome.
  • Do I create a story in my head that God didn't hear my prayer, God didn't want to hear my prayer, God led me into this crash/accident because I am a huge sinner and He is punishing me. Lie He is saying "You deserve it!"
  • Or do I say to myself, maybe this accident did happen for a reason, because maybe further on, we would have been in a worse accident and one or all of us killed.
Well, Because of what the Bible says about God and that He would never lead us to harm, that sort of kicks out the first option above. God  will NEVER lead His people into harm.
The second option is a choice we make. Its also a choice that will make us feel better knowing that God actually protected us on our trip on holiday.
Yes, an accident isn't nice and God could have probably done it another way...But It is our choice to decide what kind of God we are worshipping.

This is a very debatable topic. I would love to hear your opinions on it or experiences.

Bless all of you as you read though this and decide for yourself.


  1. Bible is not the Pure message that Jesus preached. Bible is written by people who never saw Jesus.
    Jesus used to prostrate on the ground and pray to his Lord same as the Muslims.
    Jesus used to eat meat which had to be bled and prayed on same as the Muslims.
    Jesus was circumcised same as the Muslims.
    Jesus used to pray to One God same as the Muslims.

    If you want to know who Jesus really was go and read the chapter called Mary in the Quran.


    The following is from the Gospel of John 5:30 - 31 from the Arabic Bible. In English Bible you will get the word God in the place of Allah. The millions of Arab Christian use Allah not God. The word God is used only by the English speaking Christians.

    Gospel of John 5:30 -31

    "On my own I am powerless. I judge as I am told (told by Allah). My judgement is just because I do not act based upon my own will but rather I submit to Allah's will. The will of Allah has sent me as his messenger. If I represent Myself my representation is different from and inferior to what Allah directs me to do".


    From the above statement Jesus Christ is clearly stating he is sent by Allah as a messenger (Prophet) to guide the mankind.

    According to the above statement in the Gospel of John, Jesus must be teaching Islam.

    Islam means: Being in peace by sincerely submitting to the will of God.

    In the above statement from the Bible Jesus clearly says he is submitting to the will of God.

    In the above statement you can say Jesus cannot be the God.

    Quran says he is the Prophet of God like Moses, Abraham, Muhammad, David.
    Peace and blessing of Allah be upon all his prophets.

    1. The prophet Muhammad (circa 570-632 A.D.) introduced Islam in 610 A.D. after experiencing what he claimed to be an angelic visitation. It was a deception of Satan to lead people away from God and Jesus, just like creating Santa Clause to distract people from celebrating born of Jesus to buying and getting presents.

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  3. Your part of the message above on John 5:30-31 I STOPPED and had to "contemplate" the scripture. I didn't go to it immediately, rather, wondered for awhile, could this person mean something about what they said about Christ and John 5:30-31? Could it be that this is true. I'm a Christian, but I don't know all the scriptures through out the bible. I read it on and off.... but then it hit me driving home from work. God said "read the entire passage." So I did and discovered that the passage above was taken out of context.
    John 5:30-31 says "By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me." The entire passage before and after this scripture refers to Christ NOT able to do things or prove to the world who He is just on his own merit! And that God sent to John Christ so he (John) could witness. If Christ would have done all things He did on his own with no witnesses (the 12 disciples); then not much or anything would have been written about Christ! Probably nothing, only the words as a false prophet.
    But that's not what happened 2,000 years ago, so God sent the 12 disciples Christ so they all may witness at first hand that he is in fact God in the living flesh.

  4. @Darren, It makes for an interesting debate. I totally agree about the witnesses. Thanks for your comment

  5. I will say this, God seems so damn distant, letting many get away with hurting others, holding many down from success, always saying no to prayer request for his own good pleasure I,m convinced he doesn't,t want me happy. Why even say That your joy may be full? Actually his joy may be full. Lifes a bitch, then you die.

  6. look.. let's just look at the concrete evidence of IF God wants me...or if I"m just a great failure for others to shun?

    1. 10 years of purity.. not one church girl wanted to date/court... fell into desperation, married wrong girl (cheated during engagement) then 10 years of marriage to a adulteress.

    2. gave and gave and gave while serving 11 years overseas... returned home 2011 to a presidential thank you letter.. 3 family dead, .. life savings gone (stock market), 401k liquidated when Washington Mutual went banrupt...

    3. FOUR long years back in the USA... over 5,000 job applications, dozens of interviews..and the only job I have is a part time job FOR studio other income... living on food stamps... in abject poverty, sleeep on floor every night.. and company has no respect for me to give me a better position after 2 years of doing 30 hours free volunteer labor weekly.

    i have no family, no wife, i have face injuries (captured and beaten abroad March 25 2011), and no church or any christian or non christian company wants me.

    ... my life is worthless death of taking up space... carrying for people who quickly destroy me... and i live in a ZERO in God's heart death-life.

    so just why do you all....with your homes, families, cars, and a bed to sleep in and a real job... think GOD has any interest in me as a born again believer... sure.. I blew it.. sure.. 2nd chances... yeah... right... I mean nothing, and have nothing, and if I was gone.. zero would miss me... i am a waste..

    now I"m not talking emotions... or depression..or anything stupid... for those who are secular-phsycologiest recommenders.

    I'm just a returning veteran who is unwanted... period.

    its not emotions... it's the simple FACT of my worthless loser existance.... total ZERO

    tim z.

    1. Hi Tim. Not sure this will help, but you're not the only person who feels worthless. It's horrible how this country had brave men like you risking your lives for the rest of us and chewed you up and spat you up when you were no longer seen as useful! I'm thankful for what you did for the rest of us.

      I'm the modern equivalent of a leper myself. I believe I could be useful if I weren't feared and loathed by nearly everyone. It's hard to do much to benefit society when shunned and forced onto its extreme fringes.

  7. My comment is this... Why is it so easy to hear from satan and fall into his traps and we pray and repent, after accepting Jesus and God makes it so hard and almost impossible to hear from Him. I want to believe that God wants for our best, but if faith is all we have, sometimes it's not worth fighting for. I have been praying so hard for so many and including myself and I see nothing happening. If we can't see God moving in our lives then I can only think that He has blocked my prayers. If He blocks my prayers and doesn't want to move in my life then why keep trying. If God would only acknowledge us sometime it would make more people belive and understand. I have not seen or heard Him move in my life and not sure where I will go from here. I am already living in hell and no signs of improvement yet. GOD IT'S YOUR MOVE!

    1. Understand your thought because I am thinking in the same way now although maybe you are more miserable than me. I don't know, I try hard to keep faith of God but sometimes feel no reply is soooooooooooo frustrating, right?