Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beautiful Women (Gods fundemental design)

Some would find Paul quite an arrogant guy.
Take a look at today's reading.
He says a lot about women and how they should dress and act and listen to the men of this world. I struggled with this part because I don’t know that because Eve was the deceived person, that now all women should pay this penalty.

Like the Lord said, one of the penalties of this evil deed that Eve did, was painful childbirth.

Do you agree that a woman will find her greatest satisfaction in life, not by trying to takeover the mans role, but to fulfill Gods design for her as a loving wife and mother with faith, love, holiness and propriety?
I do. I still think Paul is quite arrogant in this verse, but I don’t believe he is blaming of downing women in this chapter. Paul also blames Adam in other parts of the bible..take Romans 5:12-21 for example.
Gods fundamental design was to have the male in an instructive leading role and to have His wife as a loving assistant, who helps and guides her husband through love, faith, holiness and propriety. Together they make such an important team. I shouldn’t be the other way around, I don’t believe God wanted it that way.
Men should make the stand. Stand up for what is good, stand with their hands in the air and worship the God that created them and guides them. This is not saying that women need to take a backward step and stand behind the man in worship, but the man should lead in worship and the woman assist him and praying to God.
The beauty of a Godly woman is within. Not how dressed up a lady can be and how many diamonds she wears, but what comes out of her spirit and what is done in her heart.

I don’t know, I find it much more attractive when a lady is kind, loving and affectionate not just to her family but to other people as well. This overpowers looks in a big way!.
God made all of us differently, women and men, and that is the way we were born. He is not concerned about what you look like (dress, hair, jewellery etc), but what is in your heart!

Amen to that

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