Thursday, February 23, 2012

Qualities of christian leaders.

Leaders in our churches these days often have bad reputations.

There are so many ministers, deacons and high-up people in our churches that are not following Gods call for them.
There have been reports of child molestation, slander of other religions, rejection of the poor and alcoholism. This is definitely not the way that God meant for these people to be.
These leaders are supposed to be our role models.

I don't mean to generalise which is why I didn't say all church leaders, but the few that or in the category of 'bad', give the real church leaders a bad reputation and Christianity a reputation of being full of bad people and actually a real farce.

Paul talks in 2 Timothy 2 about the leaders in our churches and he includes the elders. I believe that all the qualities Paul mentions in this chapter are not just for leaders, but should be characteristics of us as well.
  • Faithful
  • Self Control
  • Wise
  • Good Reputation
  • Invite people into his home
  • Be able to teach
  • Not an alcoholic
  • Not be argumentative
  • Not love money
  • Manage his family well and have his children obey and respect him
  • Well respected with integrity
I mean, these are things that God calls us to be as well. Isn't this what we, as Christians, strive to be.
Well we should be. God is calling us to!
Yes, our church leaders are more in the limelight and are called to be all of these qualities, but the reason for this, is so that they can teach us these qualities as well and be a good example of what a christian should be like.
When we are like this, God will reward us with more responsibility and we will have increased confidence in Jesus Christ.

I pray to God that He can reveal these qualities to me and help me to grab them and become a better christian, husband, father and friend.
I pray the same for you!



I found this site as well which lists many of the christian qualities that we should strive to have:
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