Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obeying our masters...

Do we obey our bosses?
Sometimes i find this quite a funny comment because, I for one have not obeyed my boss 100%, and from I have heard from friends and others, they haven't either.

But what does obeying / serving our masters really mean.
Well, first of all, God is my only master. My boss at work is not my master. But think of the times when this was written. There was the situation of slaves/masters which is the same as now days workers/bosses.
This is not meant to be vindictive in any way.
I find not easy to always 'obey' my boss.
Often I don't agree with him and I don't believe he is right and then I would carry on with what I want to do anyway. My boss isn't a bad person at all,in fact he is a very good boss with good morals.
I hate to be in a situation where my boss was a non-christian and was practising non-christian stuff within the company and that I had no control over it.
Asa christian we are still called to obey our bosses, no matter their beliefs, as it not our way to judge anyone, but it is also required of us to do our work in a christian manner. Do not become like your boss or a non-christian because he is..
His judgement will come because of his unfaith in God.

Christian workers whose mosses are also believers, should double their service, not reduce it.

If you have the opportunity, try and instill good morals in your department or area of the company. Your boss may see what good you are doing and may ask many questions. Speak to your boss with respect, even if you disagree with him.
This is so difficult because often I get spoken to like dirt, but that is not our problem, God will deal with that. We are called to be the better people as Christians and reveal Christ through our serving our bosses and serving Christ while we do it.
Now to do it :)


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