Friday, February 17, 2012

False Teachings

God has a law, we are to keep to it.
Paul talks about some of Gods law here and is quite stern about it as well.
Haven't you heard before, all sorts of people coming to you saying that the world is going to end or that they saw an angel last night, or they ramble on about bible verses that they think they know well.
Don't get me wrong, some people have in fact seen angels and this is legitimate, but there are so many false 'preachers' around these days, that it becomes very difficult to believe anyone.

Some things that come out of Paul's words here that help decipher a genuine story/preacher vs a false person:
  • True stories that come from God are always un-hypocritical. God is not a hypocrite and this will not speak through someone in such a manner
  • You will notice a love that is poured out of a persons heart. It is like a continually flowing love, just like Jesus has for us.
  • Most of their talk is meaningless. Their teachings are futile and useless. They don't make sense.
  • You will feel a sense of peace when the person speaks to you.
Shoo..This is a lot of stuff, but how do i know that people aren't still telling the truth.
Well, a good thing to do is pray to God while they are talking to you and ask His wisdom and understanding in the situation.
God will give you a sense of peace immediately and you will just know in your heart.
False preachers do not recognise their inadequacies, and therefore end up babbling on about loads of garbage, just to be heard and to attract the attention from others.

Gods law is for people who do not obey Him, who are lawless, commit murder and practise acts that are not supposed to be part of our makeup.

Pretty stern words, but nothing is more easy than praying to God about your situation so you don't have to feel alone and also ask God to give you the wisdom to counteract these false teachers.


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