Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pleasing God, not men...

When we are told in the Word to go out, spread the Word of God to others, we cannot do this to please other people. We have to do this to please God...That is the sole purpose of us going out as Jesus disciples.
Many people find it very difficult to just go into the world and start talking about Jesus, and that He is our Saviour and almost give some or other testimony. But God gives us the courage to do this. Without this courage from God, we are nothing and our words to other people about Gods good news are mere banter...
We could probably get away with speaking/spreading the good news to others, because some of the people that we speak to dont really know much about God, and when talking to them, you may appear to "know alot about God", but God knows our motives, you cant hide from Him.

We really shouldnt be spreading the Word because we want "make new friends"! Yes, build relationships with other, no doubt, as it says in Luke chapter 10, but build relationships based on the words from God and not for the purpose of gaining attention for yourself.
It may just be that sharing the good news of God means sharing your personal story with others to inspire them and lead them, but make sure that this is the story that God wanted you to tell, to lead others to him.

Bless you all


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