Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prayer for Our Leaders

Don’t we, as Christians, aim to please our God?
Well, there are loads of things in the bible that tell us how to do this.
The new testament is brimming with ‘rules’ of how we should live, in 1 Timothy 2:2-3, it mentions another important thing that we should be doing. I know I don’t.
It says that this makes God happy and pleased. This is to pray for our leaders!

How much strife, persecution, unhappiness and murder is occurring in our world due to poor leadership. Leadership that doesn’t care, leadership that just is not following the right way...the Christian way!
Look at the life of Jesus, there was no issues and fighting and toil and anger in Jesus life. Yes, around Him there was so much arguing and fighting and gossip and slander and bad leadership, but Jesus was the total opposite of this. The correct word here is “PEACE”.

We are called to be like Jesus, and the people leading our nations and churched should be our role models, but sadly they are not. Paul says in verse 2 that we should pray for them, so that we can lead ‘peaceful and quiet lives’. Are our lives peaceful and quite now. Mine isn’t!
I cant but help think that if every Christian prayed for our leaders, presidents, prime ministers and government decision makers, that we would make such a huge difference in this sad world.

There is only ONE GOD and MEDIATOR
Just at the RIGHT TIME.

He paid a ransom for our lives to be saved and our leaders. The least we can do is pray for others, their decisions, their leadership and that the peace of God will fall on them everyday.

Reading: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Tim%202:1-7&version=NLT
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