Friday, February 3, 2012

Satan Blocking us?

As a christian, and as I mentioned in my previous posts, we are called to spread the Word of God wherever we can. Spread His goodness and His love for us. Its easy to do this right???

Well, it may be, but have you ever woken up in the morning all "pumped up" and ready to go and spread Gods word.
You have prayed to God about it and asked Him to lead people to you that need the Word and to hear about Him, you feel positive, you feel great....but as soon as you get to someone, you freeze up, you get scared, you worry about being embarrassed. Or not even that, you know, for example, that there is someone at work that needs a prayer or just a friend to say hello or speak to them, and you have woken up with the mission of doing that this day, but as soon as you get to work, you get interrupted by a colleague who wants your attention on something else..
As I was reading 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20 (very short bit), Paul is basically apologising to the church saying that He was blocked from coming back. He tried and tried but was blocked by SATAN!. Paul wanted to go back and provide spiritual help to new converts to Christianity.
Was he blocked by Satan or God or someone else?
Maybe it wasn't Gods will that Paul went back to them? Think about it?? me...any hindrance to Gods work (and this clearly would have been Gods work) is the work of Satan. This is Satan's way of getting between us and doing Gods work on earth as we are called.
So back to the above paragraph, those feelings of embarrassment, anguish, fear and worry that you get when you want to even mention Gods name in front of others is that work of the devil, trying to stop you from spreading Gods word....and you know what, He CAN be beaten!!
Prayer is the best warrior against Satan and God will give you the wisdom, the words and the power you need to do His work!

Amen to that
Bless You All..

Question: Have you experienced these hindrances? How have you overcome them?


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