Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living the Christian life Part 2

The Lord calls us respect our elders, our leaders in Christs work and have a close relationship with them.

Help them push their good work and spread the word about their good work.
Love them and don't be lazy but rather help them in what they are doing, knowing the real cause of why they are doing it.

There is whole bunch of points here that we are called to do:
  • Be Patient
  • Be Joyful
  • Help those that are weak
  • Encourage those who are timid
  • Never stop praying
  • Don't laugh and gossip over prophecies
  • Expect the Holy Spirit and believe in Him.
  • Stay away from every kind of devil or originator of evil
  • Test everything that is said and remain with the good
  • Thank God for everything that you have, will have, family, job, life and your future in Him

You know, if we look at these points above, they sound quite easy to 'obey', but are they?
Can we always be happy and joyful, do we forget to pray, do we always thank God for everything everyday and do we pray for the Holy Spirit everyday?
I know I don't...BUT i should!

These are guidelines, these are some of the things that God wants us to do as a christian. Because we are human,we will forget and we will struggle with some of these points, but God knows that. God knows that we are not perfect, so don't feel bad every time you don't keep to his guidelines, but what you can do is pray to God for forgiveness and ask Him to help you stick to these guidelines, and He will.
And not to just pray once in a while, pray for them everyday!
The God that we believe in, wants us to be faithful, wants us to know that He is always there for us and wants us to know that He knows that we are sinners....but that is another reason why we serve such a gracious God!

Bless you all

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