Friday, February 24, 2012

Influenced by others?

We are told not to divert our attention away from God.
This that He should always be the prime example of everything we do in life.
There are so many people that try and takeoff the path of Jesus. These people could be non-Christians or people that once were Christians but have decided to go against or fall away from God.
I have personally seen/heard people tell me or others what they should or shouldn't be doing, eat this, pray for that, attend this or don't buy that.
The only example we should be listening to here is Gods example, not stories from humans.
If you know that a christian is talking about something that is in Gods Word and agrees with His Word, the go right ahead and listen to them.
My question is..are we sure that someone is a christian?
Are we sure that this person talks from a perspective of Gods Word?
The only way we will to know Gods Word ourselves!

I find myself listening to too many opinions of other people, because that's just the way I am. Then I draw to some sort of conclusion on what the majority thinks....Which is wrong!  I need to draw to a God conclusion, a God example and in line with Gods Will.

God calls us to teach others His will and Word, not to listen to the silly stories of non-christian people. It doesn't matter your age, intellect, looks or race - Teaching people the right way and acting in the right way will make people look at you with integrity and respect and being a person of love and faith, just as we do to Jesus Christ!

God gives us the free will to make our own decisions, don't mess it up!

God Bless


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