Monday, February 20, 2012


Often we think that if we have done something very wrong in our life, we think that we aren’t good enough for the Lord.
We haven’t done something so bad that we can never be forgiven and that we are doomed for hell!
This is nonsense.
Look at Paul. Paul persecuted Christians; this is what he did in his life for a long time. At that time he was named Saul, but it was still the same person. God forgave him and used him to be one the best disciples He has ever had.
Nothing in unforgivable in Gods eyes. All we need to do is confess our sins daily to Him. This involves actually praying to God and telling Him what we have done wrong, one by one.
God promised us that He will forgive us. Although, it doesn’t just involve confessing our sin, asking God for forgiveness and then the next day resuming your old lifestyle. God wants us to repent our sins, which means when we confess, we also promise God that we will turn away from those sins and become a different person.
The Lord is generous and gracious, and once we have CONFESSED, REPENTED and asked FORGIVENESS, he will fill us with his LOVE. God had mercy on us sinners. We all sin, everyday and we are not perfect. God knows this, but He wants us to draw closer to Him every day so that we can be forgiven and through Gods grace, saved!

God knows what is in our inner heart and He knows when we mean what we say to Him, like He did with Paul...and God ended up using Paul to be one of His servants to spread the Word of God and serve Him.
And God calls us to do the same. He wants us all as servants to spread His gospel and be Christians that others can look to for comfort and for being trustworthy. I leave you with this thought.


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